(1.西安思源学院 城市建设学院,陕西 西安710038; 2.西安交通大学 土木工程系,陕西 西安710049; 3.河南城建学院 土木与交通工程学院,河南 平顶山467036)

Q690高强钢; 多环板; 空间节点; 力学性能; 空间耦合加载

Research on mechanical performance of space joints with multi-annular plates of Q690 tension tower
WU Yongcai1,TANG Guanghui2,QU Songzhao3,WANG Jiantao2

(1.School of Urban Construction,Xi'an Siyuan University,Xi'an 710038,China; 2.Department of Civil Engineering,Xi'an Jiaotong University,Xi'an 710049,China; 3.School of Civil and Transportation Engineering,Henan University of Urban Construction,Pingdingshan 467036,China)

Q690 high-strength steel; multi-annular plates; space joints; mechanical performance; space coupled loading

DOI: 10.15986/j.1006-7930.2021.03.003


多环板空间节点杆件交汇繁多,应力分布复杂,为研究高强钢多环板空间节点的受力性能,开展Q690高强钢SJC1型耐张塔足尺试验,并建立了变坡和横担处空间节点的有限元模型,基于大风等不利工况研究了不同加载模式下空间节点的力学性能,揭示其空间耦合受力机理.分析结果表明:断线和大风等不利工况下环板或加劲肋与主材连接处、槽形插板与支管连接处应力较大,应严格控制焊接质量,防止节点由于焊缝开裂而破坏; 在大风工况下所有杆件同比例加载至250%时,变坡和横担处节点分别在环板与主管交界处的99°和90°方向出现最大应力,横担节点设计安全冗余度较高; 变化关键受力杆件加载比例,环板与主管交界处的应力增长主要沿支管轴线方向与节点板相交位置处分布,应力水平与支管所承受的荷载正相关,空间耦合加载下不同支管间的环板与主管交界处应力增长变化较小.
Many members intersect at the space joints with multi-annular plates,resulting in an intricate stress distribution. To examine the mechanical performance of high-strength space joints with multi-annular plates,a full-scale test was conducted on a high-strength Q690 SJC1 tension tower; subsequently,the finite element models of space joints at the varied slope locations and cross arms were established to investigate the mechanical performance of various loading protocols based on the adverse conditions,i.e. the strong wind,and then the space coupled effect was revealed. The analytical results indicate that: the locations of the ring plate or stiffened ribs connected to the chord members as well as the regions between the C-shaped insert plates and branch members display the larger stress under the adverse conditions of broken wires and strong wind. Therefore,strict measures should be adopted to ensure the quality of weld seams for preventing joint damage due to weld cracking; for the joints of varied slope locations and cross arms,the maximum stress respectively occurs in 99° and 90° directions of intersection regions of ring plats and chord members when all members are maintained in a constant loading ratio until the level of 250% under the strong wind loading; moreover,the space joints in the cross arms behave a higher security redundancy; the stress increases of intersection regions between the annular plates and chord members mainly distribute in the intersection of gusset plate along axes of branch members while altering the loading ratios between key members,in which the stress levels are positively correlated with the loads of branch members,and the intersection region between various branch members perform a slow stress increase.