(昆明理工大学 建筑工程学院,云南 昆明 650500)

穿斗式木构架; 填充墙; ECC; 抗震性能; 塑性损伤模型

Numerical simulation of ECC low intervention reinforced structures
FANG Xianhui,DENG Jiarui,ZHANG Junpeng, LI Xiaoqin

(Faculty of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming 650500,China)

Column-and-tie wooden structure; Infilled wall; ECC; Seismic performance; CDP model

DOI: 10.15986/j.1006-7930.2022.02.014


研究定量分析了不同加固方法的经济与碳排放指标并指出ECC覆面加固穿斗式木构架民居结构是一种经济、环保的绿色低干预加固方法.基于带填充墙的燕尾榫穿斗式木构架与木楼板砌体墙抗震试验建立数值模型,讨论了模拟方案的可靠性.由此建立了典型云南村镇民居带填充墙穿斗式木构架模型,分析讨论了ECC单面加固对结构的平面内与平面外抗震性能的影响,并对不同损伤状态下结构的平面外加固效果进行了研究.结果表明:ECC单面加固能抑制裂缝的产生与发展,提高结构的延性; 加固后结构平面内承载力提升2.7%,平面外承载力提升178.5%; ECC单面加固对轻微和中等损伤的带填充墙穿斗式木构架平面外抗倒塌性能较好,为ECC在农村民居维修、加固工程中的应用提供了依据.
The economic and carbon emission indexes of different reinforcement methods were quantitatively analyzed, and it was pointed out that ECC structure was an economical, environmentally friendly and green reinforcement method with low intervention. The reliability of the simulation scheme was discussed based on the seismic test results of the wooden structure with dovetail joint and wooden floor masonry wall. A FE model of a typical column-and-tie wooden structure with infilled walls in Yunnan was established. The influence of the in-plane and out-of-plane seismic performance of the structure with ECC strengthening was analyzed and discussed, and the out-of-plane reinforcement effect of the structure under different damage states was also studied. The results indicated that the ECC strengthening could effectively reduce the cracks and improve the structure ductility. The in-plane and the out-of-plane bearing capacity of the reinforced structure was increased by 2.7% and 178.5%, respectively. ECC single-sided reinforcement has better out-of-plane collapse resistance to slightly and moderately damaged column-and-tie wooden structures with infilled walls, which provided a basis for the application of ECC in rural residential maintenance and reinforcement projects.