(1.河南理工大学 土木工程学院,河南 焦作 454000; 2.河南省新型土木工程结构国际联合实验室(洛阳理工学院),河南 洛阳 471023)

梁柱节点; 单边高强螺栓; T型件连接; 抗震性能; 拟静力试验

Experimental research on seismic performance of T-piece unilateral bolted beam-column joints
ZHAO Junyang1, WANG Xinwu2, CHU Huaibao1, SUN Haisu2, BU Xin2, LIU Huanhuan2

(1.School of Civil Engineering, Henan Polytechnic University, Jiaozuo 454000, China; 2.International Joint Laboratory for New Type Civil Engineering Structures of Henan Province, Luoyang Institute of Technology, Luoyang 471023, China)

beam-column joints; single-sided high-strength bolts; t-piece connection; seismic performance; pseudo-static test

DOI: 10.15986/j.1006-7930.2022.05.004


为研究T型件单边高强螺栓连接梁柱节点的抗震性能和破坏机理,对4个方钢管柱与H型钢梁单边螺栓T型件连接节点进行了拟静力试验,分析T型件翼缘厚度和在T型件上加三角肋板对此类节点受力性能和破坏模式的影响; 详细观察节点试验的全过程和破坏特征,分析此类节点的滞回性能、承载能力、延性系数、耗能能力等抗震性能指标.研究发现:T型件加三角肋板对梁柱节点的抗震性能影响较大; T型件翼缘厚度对梁柱节点的抗震性能相对影响较小.T型件单边螺栓连接梁柱节点具有较好的延性及滞回性能,非常适合在地震区域中应用.
In order to study the seismic performance and failure mechanism of the T-piece unilateral high-strength bolt-connected beam-column node, a pseudo-static test was carried out on the four square steel tube column and the H-shaped steel beam unilateral bolt T-piece connection node, and the effects of T-piece flange thickness and the addition of triangular ribs on T-pieces on the mechanical performance and failure mode of such joints were analyzed. The whole process and failure characteristics of the joint experiment were observed in detail, and the seismic performance indexes such as hysteresis performance, bearing capacity, ductility coefficient and energy dissipation capacity of such joints were analyzed. It is found that the addition of T-pieces and triangular ribs has a greater impact on the seismic performance of beam-column joints; the thickness of T-piece flanges has relatively little influence on the seismic performance of beam-column joints. T-piece unilateral bolted beam-column joints have good ductility and hysteretic performance, and can play a good seismic performance under the action of earthquakes.